“Dr. Raveau helped us understand how our son’s brain works and why he behaves the way that he does, which completely transformed our interactions with him and allowed us to support him in ways that he needed. She also worked closely with his pediatrician to address other co-occurring health issues and advocated for him at school to receive proper services. Without her, we would have not known how to navigate addressing his challenges, and for that, we are forever thankful.”

“Our family was in bad shape due to my daughter’s substance abuse issues. My wife and I found ourselves feeling completely overwhelmed by fear and not knowing what to do to help her and our family. Dr. Raveau was kind and sensitive to our pain but what was really helpful was her honesty about our problems and what to do about them. She kept us accountable for following our goals and our families plan to get better. My wife and I were unaware of how our fear and our attempts to keep the peace ended up empowering our daughter’s poor behavior. Dr. Raveau’s expertise and support has helped to reshape our family and how we parent our children.”


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“When I first called Dr. Raveau, I was concerned about my 9 year old son and his behavioral problems. My son and I met with Dr. Raveau and both felt she was very caring and made us feel comfortable. My focus was on my son, but what I learned was, he was responding to me and my irritability with him. Dr. Raveau helped me work on my feelings regarding the change in the family (divorce) that was effecting my behavior with my son. Dr. Raveau helped me work on my stuff and by doing so, helped me and my son feel closer than ever. I can’t thank Dr. Raveau enough and would recommend her to any of my friends and family.”