This program is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of teens and their families. We understand that being a teenager in today’s world is not easy, with so many conflicting messages being sent to teens on who they are supposed to be. We also understand that parenting a teenager is stressful as parents try to manage forming a new dynamic with your teenager while helping them form a sense of independence and launch. Our program is designed specifically to support adolescents’ mental health and identity development. We focus on teaching them and their families how to manage stress, how to regulate their feelings, how to be effective in their relationships, how to think flexibly, and how to make conscious and value based choices. In addition to individual and family therapy, we offer evidence-based group based counseling designed specifically for teens.

* Providers who run this program: Antoinette Ulmer, Mariam Saad, Ashley Tomaszewski

Adults & Parents
We have providers who specialize in working with adults of all ages struggling with various presenting issues, such as executive functioning challenges due to ADHD or ASD, complex or acute trauma and PTSD, difficulty coping with life stressors, mood disorders, anxiety and OCD, substance use and risky behaviors, insomnia, chronic pain, transitioning to college or parenthood, and more. We utilize trauma-informed and culturally sensitive care that considers the whole person. Interventions available range from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, inner child healing work, trauma-informed CBT, and Exposure and Response Prevention.

* Providers who run this program: Antoinette Ulmer, Drew Wiggins, Velinka Marton, Amy Graham, Ryleigh Strong, George Khamis, Mariam Saad

Anxiety & OCD

This program is designed to reduce the intensity and frequency of anxiety and OCD symptoms in children, adolescents, and families. We primarily utilize exposure and response prevention based strategies when treating anxiety and OCD, require high levels of parent/family involvement in clients’ care, and use value based work and motivational interviewing techniques to increase treatment adherence.

* Providers who run this program: * Doug Gardner, Amy Graham,  Christina DeAngelis, Hasti Raveau

Early Childhood

This program is dedicated to meeting the needs of families who have children under the age of 7. We have designed this program because the world of raising little humans is very unique and complex. We believe that providers who work with young children and their families should have a thorough understanding of early childhood development, attachment theory, and play therapy. We work on addressing sleeping, eating, and toileting issues. We provide education on the importance of play, nature, movement, and connection. And we give parents and other caregivers practical tools to support each child’s development based on their temperament, neurodevelopment, and sensory needs.

* Providers who run this program: Shayna Hillenberg Doug Gardner, Amy Graham,  Hasti Raveau


This program is dedicated to providing effective and evidence-based care to children and families who have experienced traumatic events. Trauma does not discriminate. Trauma is also not about what happens to a person, but about what happens inside a person’s mind and body when the event is occuring. It changes one’s brain and nervous system, impacts sleep and gut health, and lowers overall functioning. Our goal is to help individuals heal their trauma, form authentic and safe relationships, and live lives that feel fulfilling. We provide psychoeducation on what trauma is, help individuals and families understand it’s impact on their lives, and explore various mind-body treatment methods to form lasting results.

* Providers who run this program: Drew WigginsChristina DeAngelisMariam SaadAntoinette UlmerHasti Raveau

Couples & Family

This program is designed to meet dedicated families and couples where they are at, and help them move towards a sense of safety, connection, and trust in their dynamics. Maybe you are seeking care because your own childhood upbringing was dysfunctional and damaging, and you don’t want to engage in those patterns of interaction in your current family system. Maybe your family is going through a major life transition or stressor, and you need a safe space to work through things together. Maybe your family has difficulty communicating without yelling or avoiding each other. Whatever is the reason for seeking care, we are here for you. We follow Emotion Focused Therapy principles when providing care to couples and families, which focus primarily on addressing underlying issues in relationships rather than what’s evident to the eye. Families and couples who engage in EFT tend to improve significantly AND maintain their gains.

* Providers who run this program: George Khamis, Amy Graham, Christina DeAngelis, Drew Wiggins , Mariam Saad,  Antoinette Ulmer , Hasti Raveau


This program is designed specifically for meeting the needs of children who are wired differently, such as those who have been diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, Learning Disorders, Sensory Processing Disorder, or giftedness. These children are often some of the most misunderstood and under-supported individuals in almost all settings that they function in. Our goal is to change that. We aim to change how families and schools view neurodiverse children, and ensure they get the support they deserve. We collaborate in care with other providers such as speech therapist, occupational therapist, functional medicine physician, nutritionist, etc. We help these children learn about and better understand their brain and form acceptance and love for who they are. We collaboratively work on improving their executive function and communication abilities while reducing their anxieties.

* Providers who run this program: * Doug Gardner, Hasti Raveau, George Khamis, Ashley Tomaszewski

Perinatal Mental Health

This program is dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of women and their partners during the pregnancy and postpartum period.. While mental health challenges affect one in five women and negatively impact the development of fetus and infants, most mental health issues in families during pregnancy and postpartum go unrecognized, undiagnosed, and untreated. Lack of treatment can lead to devastating effects on women, infants, and families. We aim to address these issues by providing evidence-based compassionate care that aims to support the entire family system.

* Providers who run this program: * Laurel Hicks, Amy Graham

Minority Populations

This program is dedicated to improving the health of minority populations through providing evidence-based care that is culturally sensitive and trauma-informed. Mental health conditions do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, or identity. However, background and identity can make access to mental health treatment much more difficult. We view it as our responsibility to address some of the barriers to minority mental health care and ensure that we are actively taking action to support the wellbeing of minority populations.

* Providers who run this program: * George Khamis (Arab American Populations, LGTBQ+), Drew Wiggins (LGTBQ+) , Mariam Saad (East Asian Populations), Hasti Raveau (Middle Eastern and East Asian Populations)

Separation and Divorce

This program is designed to support children, parents, and families who are going through separation and divorce. Divorce is without a doubt one of the hardest things families can experience. Often, these families lack support and knowledge and find it extremely challenging to improve their communication, enhance collaborative problem solving, and increase their family’s sense of safety and unity despite living in two different homes. The number one predictor of mental health in children of divorced families is the quality of the co-parenting relationship. We help parents in the process of telling their children about their divorce and help children understand what divorce means and how they can communicate their needs to their parents. We help parents improve their communication and collaborative problem solving abilities and work on putting the children’s needs first. This work is not easy, but essential to ensure that families and children remain resilient despite going through the hardships of divorce.

* Providers who run this program: *Doug Gardner, Hasti Raveau , George Khamis , Amy Graham