Ryleigh Strong

Finding the right therapist who greatly values establishing a sense of safety through a strong therapeutic relationship while effectively providing evidence based solutions to the presenting problems can be challenging. That is why I have made it my mission to master these skills within myself as a clinician so that clients don’t walk away feeling like they either did not receive adequate emotional support or directive feedback from their therapist.

In a world filled with toxic messages around perfectionism, achievement, and lack of value for healthy relationships, I have found my passion and calling to undo these patterns in clients. As a woman and first generation college graduate, I deeply understand the struggles of valuing one’s mental health while not being consumed by society’s exceptions.

I treat anxiety and trauma by helping clients understand the root cause of their issues and help them replace maladaptive coping skills (such as perfectionism and addiction) with healthy coping skills. I am also deeply passionate about enhancing relationships through couples counseling and parent coaching as she believes that the foundation of health is rooted in the quality of our connections.

My style is solutions-focused, compassionate, and collaborative. I provide a reflective space in which you can discuss your worries that may be impacting you or your child, and identify evidence based solutions tailored to your specific needs. I specialize in providing trauma informed cognitive behavioral therapy interventions that are culturally sensitive, neurodiversity affirming, and consider the whole person.

Ryleigh is a student who is supervised by Ashley Tomasweski LMSW and Dr. Hasti Raveau PhD


  • Bachelors of Social Work from Madonna University
  • Masters of Social Work from University of Michigan
    (graduation July 2023)

  • Addiction Studies - Madonna University
  • Comunity Leadership - Madonna University

What is your favorite quote?

“It ran in my family until it ran into me.”
I think this quote does a great job getting you to think about inter-generational trauma and hereditary disorders that can be worked through with proper treatment. It is such a powerful quote.

Who is someone who inspires you?

Taylor Swift. She is so unapologetically herself and I love it.

What is your favorite self help book?

Rock Bottom Is Where Bad Bitches Are Built
by Erica L. Adkins, PH.D, ABPP.

Ryleigh Strong