Dr. Laurel Hicks is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, researcher, advocate, yoga and meditation teacher. She is endlessly passionate about supporting people through the journey of becoming a parent. She believes that all people can thrive, and with the support of a therapeutic relationship can create the space to grow and heal.

Dr. Laurel came to this work first by guiding people with prenatal yoga and then supporting people in birth as a Labor Doula. This experience showed her how powerful people are in pregnancy and also how much support they were yearning for. This then sparked her interest to work more deeply with pregnant people which led to earning a MSW and then a PhD in Social Work (specialized in Infant Mental Health).

She most frequently uses EMDR, Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), attachment-based therapy, dialectical behavioral skills, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), psychodynamic and somatic therapy in her work with clients. She also loves offering clinical supervision to other people who are interested in specializing in Perinatal Mental Health or Mind-Body Therapies.

Dr. Laurel loves spending time in nature, especially hiking, dabbles with herbalism, can be found in her garden in the summer, loves yoga, figure skating, ceramics and paddleboarding. She is a Certified Perinatal Mental Health specialist (PMH-C) and is a member of the International Marcé Society of North America, Yoga Alliance, and the American Psychological Association.