When emotional pain feels too much, it can also feel hopeless. Sometimes we hide that pain—turn into work & other distractions—or other times no matter the effort to hide it, it comes seeping out where we least desire it. I believe we can address your struggles & pain, as well as explore your past experiences to help heal the parts of you that have been hurt, abused or mistreated. I also believe that real change occurs when individuals are met with supportive, non-judgmental, and empathic care that is tailored to meet their unique needs. Driven by my belief that therapy is not “one-size fits all”, I utilize various evidence based approaches and effective techniques when working with individuals and families to best fit their needs and goals.

As a clinician, I strive to work in a culturally sensitive manner that creates a safe environment which is welcoming to individuals of diverse backgrounds and all different identities. I strive to ensure I provide you with tools to help create authentic, long-lasting change. With children, adolescents, adults, and couples I find my approach to focus on respectful, nonjudgmental listening. We will be noticing how you are feeling in order to better understand troubling emotional states. Therapy is where we can collaborate to better understand what you need, who you are, & what has happened in your life so you can have more freedom & self-awareness.

Children are living in the part of their lives that will forever affect them as adults. My hope is to address the emotional concerns now so they can grow into adults who can thrive emotionally. I use Attachment Based Play Therapy because play is the emotional language of children, and emotional distress leads to behavioral issues.

As an Arab-American female, I have experienced personally and worked with issues related to acculturation, immigration, and identity. I provide services in both English and Arabic. I offer therapy in both virtual and in-person settings.