Private Sessions, virtual or in-person ~ Your hour with Tracy will be tailored for your individual needs, including symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, IBS, self-doubt, and/or insecurity.

Sessions may also be tailored for children, adolescents, prenatal and postpartum parents, and mother/baby. Initial consultation/assessment is provided at no charge. Early morning, day, evening, and weekend appointments are available. Sessions are recorded for the client to keep.
$60 per hour session, virtual or in-person.

  • Adolescent Small Group Yoga for Anxiety/Depression ~ Mondays on-line 6:30pm ~ Movement, breath, self-awareness, body awareness, and empowerment will all be a part of this practice. This class is appropriate for students aged 14-18 but may be approved for some slightly younger or older. Talk with your clinician about joining the class. $20 per person ~ limit five people
  • Prenatal Small Group Yoga ~ Tuesdays on-line 7:30pm ~ Prepare your mind, body, and breath for childbirth, baby, and beyond with this prenatal practice. Breathwork and movement is designed to ease and strengthen the growing body of the birther. With your health provider’s approval, this class is safe for all phases of pregnancy. $20 per person ~ limit five people
  • Postpartum Small Group Yoga ~ Wednesdays on-line 10:00am ~ This class focuses on the recovery of the body and the health of the mind in the months following delivery. Attention is given to the healing and strength of the pelvic floor, strength and comfort of shoulders and back, and gentle breath and movement for stress release and enhanced rest. $20 per person ~ limit five people
15-minute yoga to relieve IBS discomfort
Yoga for headache/migraine relief
yoga for relaxation - 45 minutes
15-minute video for restful sleep
Hip/side/shoulder stretch

Tracy Lively is a certified instructor with Yoga Alliance, specializing in gentle yoga and meditative breath. She has specific training in restorative yoga, adapted yoga, and prenatal yoga. She will work with you to create a personal practice based on your needs, and is happy to talk with you about developing yoga in your life.

To schedule: contact your Mala clinician, call the office at (734)335-0330, or email

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