Parent Coaching

Did you know that parent coaching is equally as effective at treating many conditions, such as anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, and aggression, and defiance?

And the best part is that these services are covered by your insurance!

Unfortunately, due to the increased need for mental health care for children, we currently have a 3-6 month wait for after school appointment slots.

Why wait when you can enroll now in day time virtual or in person parent coaching? It can be as easy as a virtual session during your lunch break, or taking a break to come in person.

At Mala, we believe that parents are the true superheroes and so worthy of being supported to their own child. Let us help you, it is what we were made to do.

If you are certain that what is best needed for your child and family is direct individual therapy with your child, we strongly urge you to consider a daytime slot rather than waiting on the waitlist for an after school slot.

We can provide a note for the school, and work closely with the teachers to best support your child’s mental health AND academic needs. And, the good new is that being pulled out of school to receive mental health care will actually improve your child’s academic performance! So it’s a win win!

Parent Coaching

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