DBT Day Camp

Join our in-person DBT Summer Camp 4 Tweens!


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an incredibly effective evidenced based treatment for children who have difficulty managing emotions, tolerating stress, being present, and managing relationships.

DBT teaches kids how to use mindfulness to become more present and less reactive, how to cope with their feelings in a variety of healthy ways, how to not avoid life’s stressors, and how to have healthy relationships!

These life skills are crucial in helping tweens become more resilient during adolescents and adulthood.

  • Emotion Regulation June 29th
  • Distress Tolerance July 8th
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness July 27th

TIME: 9 AM – 3 PM

THERAPIST: Amy Graham, MA, TLLP, and co-leaders as needed to ensure a small leader-to-student ratio


  • Mindfulness
  • Walking the Middle Path
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

COST: $250 per camp (not covered by insurance)

REQUIREMENTS: Child must be in grades 5 – 8th grade

We are so excited to offer this incredible opportunity to our community! Have questions? Call us at (734)335-0330.