If you feel that you or your child may be struggling with a learning disorder, attention disorder (ADD/ADHD), or other psychological and cognitive concerns, please contact us to talk about how psychological testing and evaluation could be helpful.

A full assessment can help figure out if it’s truly a clinical concern and not just immaturity, typical developmental issues, or lack of study skills, among other things.

The assessment process can be confusing and overwhelming. This is why we take the time to ensure you are informed every step of the way and go through results and recommendations with you fully. Please get in touch if you would like more information about how a tailored assessment may help your child or what is involved.


We utilize Q-interactive, the most advanced technology to administer tests.

Q-interactive is a comprehensive digital system that can be used to administer and score tests that are traditionally given by an examiner in one-on-one settings. Evaluation testing takes place on two iPads in an app called Assess. You use the first iPad to access the test administration instructions, score and record responses, and control visual stimuli. The examinee uses the other iPad to view and respond to stimuli.

Depending on the purpose of the assessment, the following areas may be examined:

  • Cognitive strengths and difficulties (intelligence/IQ)
    Tests used: WISC-V, WPPSI-IV 

  • Academic skills and learning
    Tests used: WIAT-III, BSRA-3

  • Executive functioning (i.e. memory, attention, organization)
    Test used: D-KEFTS, Conners 3

  • Social-emotional skills and behavioral concerns
    Tests used: CBCL, BASC3, 

  • Adaptive and functional skills
    Test used: Vineland-3

  • Fine motor abilities
    Test used: Beery VMI

  • Parent-child attachment style
    Tests used: clinical interview and observation tasks


What Psychological Testing Typically Includes

  • 2-hour diagnostic interview to get background and history

  • 4-6 hours of face-to-face testing (IQ, learning style, executive functions, memory, cognitive processing, and personality)

  • Several paper-and-pencil questionnaires & behavioral checklists

  • School observation (if applicable)

  • 1-2 hour feedback session to discuss results and recommendations



What Assessments Are Typically Used For

  • Inform relevant diagnoses (e.g., developmental delay, intellectual disability, learning disorders, ADHD)

  • Identify giftedness

  • Help with school placement

  • Receive academic or testing services and accommodations




We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and private-pay clients for psychological evaluations.  

  • If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield as your insurance, please contact them to determine whether your plan covers psychological testing and if you have a deductible you must meet.

  • If you do not have Blue Cross Blue Shield, you can ask your insurance if they will reimburse you for psychological testing completed by an out-of-network provider.

  • Testing battery and cost differ by age and the referral question. Cost will be discussed at the intake interview. You may also choose to call for an estimate. 

The order of events for an evaluation are as follows:


This is often done with both the child and the parent(s). This is an hour long appointment. The intake is scheduled a few weeks in advance from the testing, because sometimes we find at these appointments that an evaluation is not warranted based on the information given.

2. In-Person Testing

All evaluations must be done in person. The testing is 3-6 hours. It is important for the participant to come well rested and for them to bring water, lunch, and snacks as they will get breaks throughout the day.

3. Integrate Data and Report Writing

At this step, there will be self-report forms sent to be filled out by the client, their parents, and sometimes their teacher. These are crucial for data collection and report writing. The report writing can take anywhere from 1-3 months.

4. Feedback Session

This session will be an hour to an hour and a half. At this session, the clincan will go over any findings and the diagnosis given along with recommendations moving forward.



We are only in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. If we are submitting to your Blue Cross Blue Shield plan and you would like to know how much it will cost you, you will have to reach out to them and ask about your mental health benefits. The codes we will use are 96138 (1 unit), 96139 (11 unites) , 96130 (1 unit), and 96131 (7 units). This means that if your BCBS representative tells you that 96139 costs $50 for you, you will be charged $50×11 which is $550.

An intake session is completed prior to the evaluation. This will be billed to Blue Cross Blue Shield as 90791.

A feedback session is scheduled after the evaluation to go over the findings, this will be billed as 90837.

The out of pocket costs for 90791 and 90837 are between $150-$225.

You assume the responsibility of all costs not covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield.

The out-of-pocket rate for psychological evaluations is $175-$250 per hour, making them between $2,500 – $3500.

A scheduled Evaluation MUST BE CANCELLED AT LEAST 1 week IN ADVANCE or a fee of $500 will be charged for that appointment.

If documents are needed to submit to out-of-network providers for reimbursement, our office can provide those to you after payment. If your insurance company requires a pre-authorization you are responsible for checking and obtaining that.